I wasn't a big fan of the patterns of toddler bedding available when our daughter moved into her toddler bed and I definitely wasn't a fan of the prices! Here's what we did instead and not only saved money but made her room cuter:

Bottom sheet/Fitted sheet - used her current solid color crib sheets.

Top sheet - purchased a Twin flat sheet and cut it in half. Not lengthwise. The size of the cut sheets is almost perfect. Only drawback, the top seam that is usually by your head may be on the side.

Comforter/Quilt - purchased a THROW size quilt. Throw sizes are almost perfect as well. I know that Lands End, LL Bean, the Company Store, etc. sell throw size polar fleece blankets, etc. We got a throw size quilt at our local Kohl's store on clearance.

Pillow - I thought that the "kid's size" pillows were outrageously priced and instead bought the flattest pillow I could find and used a regular size pillow protector and pillowcases to match the sheets we used.

Her bed looked cute and it was affordable too!