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    Default Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    I am finally going to get started on my two boys room. One will be four in 4 weeks and the other is 2. I really would like bunk beds because the room is small and I want to maximize space. I really like the PBK lines of furniture (we have some of the carolina furniture) and like the Kendall Bunk Beds. I just can't get over the sticker shock. LOL My father always purchases all the grandchildren's first big bed and he doesn't care, but I do.

    Is there anything similar to the PBK bunk beds that is less expensive. I am having no luck locally.

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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    You aren't going to like this, but *everyone* advises against using bunk beds stacked before children are at least six years old. That being said, I've got a set of bunk beds that I use as separate twin beds for my kids. I figured that DD would need new furniture eventually and that DS could have the bunks stacked in his room once he hit school age.

    Have you considered a twin with a trundle underneath to save space. While not ideal, it might buy you some time while your boys are young. As for the sticker shock, just imagine going into Thomasville and Ethan Allen! YIKES! HTH!

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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    I'm sure I'm jumping the gun a little because I don't have toddlers yet, but I, too, saw those adorable Kendall Bunk Beds from PBK. But at $1000 plus S/H, it's darn near a joke. Fortunately, though, my parents still have the bunk beds they purchased for my younger brother while he was a teenager. They are made by Cargo, a furniture company that still manufactures solid wood furniture, bedding, and case pieces. Cargo Kids actually offers two new finishes: cotton and chocolate; and most pieces avg $250-$350. My parents bought the beds (along with matching dressers, book case, and desk w/ chair...all that hide underneath the bed) when the only look was natural. So, in a couple years, when our children move to big-boy or big-girl beds, we'll paint them that striking blue color from the catalogue. I figure if PBK still has that line by then, we'll order the dresser with storage underneath (which wasn't bad for $600-$700) to match.

    Speaking from 12 years experience, Cargo kids has excellent quality furniture that is "customizable" to the look you're after for a fraction of the price. We have the twin beds set up in separate guest bedrooms now, but like you our bedrooms are postage stamps and we'll be conserving all the room we can.

    Here's a link for the combo in white (which is on sale):

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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK


    I just bought a bunk bed (plus a trundle) from my local kids boutique, and I am very pleased with the quality. I too was going to go with the pbk, but I just can't pay that much. I paid $600 for the bunk bed including S/h plus setting up (I didn't have to build this thing). It looks great, and my 2 year old and my 4 year old loves it. I am using as two twin beds, and am using the top bunk handrail for my 2 year old.

    Our local Ethan Allen carries pj kids also, with an obvious mark-ups.
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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    We bought our bunk set (used separately in two rooms)from Costco. While they only have one style in B&M stores, has many styles and prices are reasonable. Ours is quite solid and sturdy. We loved the PBK ones, too, but there was just no way...

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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    Why cannot they use bunk beds until they are six? Is it a safety issue? I guess I never thought about that. While I was growing up I shared a room with my sister who is 3 years older than me. All we had were bunkbeds. She had the top but I would climb up there with her.

    As for buying them, have you checked out your local furniture stores? Where I am, Ashley Furniture and Home World have some very nice bunk beds in stock.
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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    I never buy new furniture from PBK due to the markup. I would encourage you to see if there was something you liked in a traditional furniture company like Lexington or Thomasville, then call North Carolina and see what it would be to deliver to your house. I have always received EXCELLENT deals that way and was able to do most of the looking around online. I bought Lexington dining room set (table, chairs and a china cabinet) and it was beautiful and high quality. I used Alman's in Hickory NC and even with the shipping it was cheaper than buying locally and lots cheaper than PBK with shipping.

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    Default RE: Looking for Bunk Beds like PBK

    There is an Ebay seller who makes PB knockoffs that appear to be really well done and they have great feedback. I can't remember their ID but if you do a search for "white bunkbeds" they are the seller that has lots of pictures of the items being made in their warehouse and they also make the chalkboard toy box, nightstands, and dressers.

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