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    Default Two Monitors in the house

    We have a 2 year old and a baby due in 3 months. They will be in separate rooms so we will need 2 monitors. We still use a Fisher Price 900 MHz monitor, and just need something that might be compatible with it for the 2nd room. I wasn't sure if the same brand would work or not.

    Before I go through trial and error at stores, I wanted to see if anyone has advice. I have seen two threads on this topic in baby bargains, and a response from the same person on each topic. I was hoping to see if the Toddler forum might give me more responses/recommendations.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default RE: Two Monitors in the house

    I am sorry I am not at home at the moment, but I have two fisher price monitors. One is older that I used for my first DS, and it has setting A and D on it. The second one I bought about 1 year ago, it came with two listening devices, and one monitoring statation. It has setting A and B on it. I used the newer monitor it DD, and the Old one in DS. I put DS on A and DD on B. Sometimes I used two listening devices to hear both of them at the same time. Sometimes I just used the new listening device and was able to flip back and forth from A for DS and B for DD. That way I could hear both of them with only one monitor. Let me know if you want more info, and I can check the monitors at home this weekend.

    Eventually I stopped using the monitor with DS, he was already 4, and could just get up and walk to my room. I put a night light in his room so he could walk to his door by himsels. I just got tired of hearing two monitors. Although I still use his when he gets really sick. (He gets chronic bronchitis, croup, etc. so I am a little crazy about hearing him at night.)

    Good Luck

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    Default RE: Two Monitors in the house

    I don't know anything about the Fisher Price monitor but we have 2 Sony BabyCall monitors in our home. We just set them on different channels and have no problems.

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