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    babymakes3 Guest

    Default Company Kids Toy Storage or Others?

    Hi there
    We are thinking of buying the storage bins advertised in the new Company Kids catalog - does anyone have experience with this company and the quality of their furniture? Also, does anyone have any other recommendations for toy storage? We are looking for something a step above of the plastic bin type storage at Target/KMart etc because this is going into a playroom that is right off the kitchen that we will be forced to look at every day ;-). PBK is a bit too expensive but the stackable storage bins at Company Kids seem nice and are priced right (88 each). TIA!

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    eldeld Guest

    Default RE: Company Kids Toy Storage or Others?

    I don't have those items, but I've ordered from them before and been pleased. I just got a bunch of playroom furniture from them and will be putting it together this weekend, I'll try to post back and tell you more after it's assembled (shipping was quick and cheap!)

    Eva, and Max 9/9/3

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