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    Default Flat Sheets for Toddler Bed???


    I'm thinking of moving my 19-month old to either a toddler bed or twin mattress soon. If I move her to a toddler bed, I'd like to just buy some flat sheets, and continue using the fitted crib sheets she already has. I've been looking & searching online though, and can't seem to find any. Please help if you know where I might look, or if you know somewhere online.

    All I can seem to find are toddler "sets" which run $30-$50 and include a fitted & flat sheet. Even plain flat sheets in basic colors would work out great for what I'm thinking. If I can't find anything, that may sway me towards moving her to the twin mattress instead.

    TIA for your help, :)

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    Check out ebay store "babybestbuy", I bought a toddler bed set from her for $30, it included a pillow case, bottom sheet, top sheet, and comforter. The comforter was actually fitted on one end so stays tucked easily. Everything is 220 count and very nicely made. Only downfall is higher thread count = more wrinkles! But compared to the cheapo 180 count stuff everyone else sells this is great, well worth the wrinkles.

    She also sells just sheet sets for 19.99.

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    Default RE: Flat Sheets for Toddler Bed???

    You can get just top sheets for toddler beds from I found them in another post here but I haven't ordered from them, though I'm considering it.

    I also have found reasonably priced toddler bed sets ($40-$50) which generally include a top sheet, bottom sheet, comforter and pillowcase at: and BRU also seems to carry a few online too

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