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    Default RE: What twin bed does your toddler sleep in?

    Cute room! I love the jungle theme and especially the leaf! :)

    Momma to Ean...the little love of my life!
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    pixelprincess Guest

    Default Found a bed!

    Since the room is small and I am *stuck* with a dresser I painted, lol we have to get a small bed frame. Found this online...It has some storage too which would be nice and it is fairly low to the ground.

    ps. Angie, it is like Noah's but a much more basic version

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    Default RE: Found a bed!

    That looks like a great choice. The drawers will be really nice for storage. I'm glad you found something you like.

    ps. I tried to email you today but it got returned to me. Thanks for the sweet words about Noah.
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    netne Guest

    Default RE: What twin bed does your toddler sleep in?

    We got DS a twin bed with a trundle from JC Penney. He's been using it a little over a month now and it's great. The only potential problem is that the trundle is hard to pull out on our carpet. There must be a thick pad underneath. But we won't be using the trundle that often (at least for now).

    We looked all over the place and JCPenney had really good prices, several different styles. The bed seems very sturdy. You should also look at Pier One Kids. Their prices are good, the furniture seems solid if a little basic in the design.

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    Default RE: What twin bed does your toddler sleep in?

    We just bought a trundle from JC Penneys also. The price was very reasonable. We got the white "day bed", eventhough it does not look like a daybed to us! Very cute.

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