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    Kkeanes Guest

    Default Any feedbacks on Kettrikes?

    While on vacation my 18 month son enjoyed the tricycle at the cabin we rented. Since a regular tricycle is too big, I've been thinking about getting a Kettrike. They have a variety of models at Imaginarium ranging from $50 to over $100. Does anybody have feedback on them?

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    naynaysmom Guest

    Default RE: Any feedbacks on Kettrikes?

    I have the Kettler Jumbo for my nearly 3 yr old son. It is well worth the money. It is very well made, and has a handy parents handle bar for pushing. It also has a steering lock which makes it easier to master peddling, and my son loves the little bin that "dumps" on the back of the bike.
    Kettler makes fantastic trikes!

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    Napolimom Guest

    Default RE: Any feedbacks on Kettrikes?

    I have the Kettrike Air happy for my son with the push bar, seat belt and the bell as accessories. I LOVE it. The pedals don't move when the trike is in motion unless the child is pushing on them...very nice when they first start using the trike. I bought it at

    Well worth the extra money!

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