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    CTMHBonnie Guest

    Default Stride Rite outlet sales?

    When would be the best time to take a trip to an outlet mall for Stride Rites? I don't have a SR outlet close by, but if I knew when they were having slaes, I'd try to go then for a weekend. I found a mall close to a friend in Chicago with a Stride Rite. Does anyone remember when you got your best deals? :-)

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    Erinp Guest

    Default RE: Stride Rite outlet sales?

    I live very close to the outlet stores in Kittery Maine and here's my opiniopn- They're always having sales, specials, or promotions going on! The prices at the stride rite outlet stores seem to always be the best. What you could do is call the closest one and ask what sales are going on at the time. They're always very helpful! Nothing compares to striderite!

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    Default RE: Stride Rite outlet sales?

    The Stride Rite Outlet is having fantastic deals right now on summer shoes and sandals. Since dd's white summer sandals are starting to look somewhat beat, I picked up a pair of white leather Elafanten sandals yesterday for $12.50 - they normally retail for $50. Good luck!

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    ChicagoMom Guest

    Default RE: Stride Rite outlet sales?

    Where are teh Stride Ride outlets located? Is there a web site of listings? I could not find it on the stride rite web site or anywhere else that I looked. Thanks.

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    Jackiestarrynight Guest

    Default RE: Stride Rite outlet sales?

    Chicago mom, here is a link to the store locator

    Type in your zip code or the zip code of an area you would be visiting if your looking for stores somewhere else. Then a listing of all stores that sells stride rite will come up, if there is an outlet in the area it will say "stride rite outlet #~~~" and give a phone # and addy. If just regular stores come up, there is no outlet in that area HTH :).

    And what the heck is up with this thing???? It's asking for my name eventhough I'm a registered user, then when I type in my username it says that is a registered user please use a different name???

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