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    Default hiking footwear for toddlers

    We've moved to a house with acreage, and well, let's just say it's not all verdant green and manicured. :) There are a lot of foxtails and other plants that shed stickers everywhere. My daughter is in Stride Rites, but her socks, and worse, the flannel lining of her shoes, is full of stickers after even only half a walk.

    She's taken to going out in her sandals instead... which collects fewer stickers, but I don't feel terribly wonderful about having her feet that vulnerable.

    Any ideas?

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    Default RE: hiking footwear for toddlers

    Ok, I googled "kids hiking boots and this is what I found.

    You should definitely be able to find something there.

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    Default RE: hiking footwear for toddlers

    preschoolians also makes a pretty cute toddler hiking boot. I think it's one of the "See You Later" styles. I have them for my 19 month old - we live in Alaska and he's always tromping around the woods with his dad and me. The preschoolians are holding up really well.

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    Default RE: hiking footwear for toddlers

    Our Stride Rite Outlet had the most WONDERFUL hiking boots this week. I say WONDERFUL b/c any pair I've ever seen are terribly stiff, but these were nice and flexible.

    I wish they'd had Ds' size, even though we likely couldn't use them here until winter...LOL.

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    Default RE: hiking footwear for toddlers

    You sound like my back field ;) I would suggest you try something with velcro too, laces are a PITA to get stuff unstuck from them.

    Brand wise many companies make really nice boot style shoes for little girls, an all leather type is the best..leather lined etc.

    Don't know whether this brand is in the us or not but we buy our girls a type called right step/modern edge their from portugal and are all leather and many come with a velcro closure, they stand up well to the rual abuse and are very pretty too :)

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    Default RE: hiking footwear for toddlers

    You may have already solved your problem but just an FYI - a Factory 2U near my house is going out of business and I got some leather Fisher Price hiking books for about $3-4 dollars. I don't know if many of them are going out of business or if it's just a random thing. I haven't been there before.


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