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    Default Found toddler sized onsies (36 M) at JCPenney

    Cross-posted in Baby Bargains Reality Layette but I thought it might be useful over here!
    I know a couple of people have asked here recently about onsies in larger sizes. I finally found some at JCPenney today. JCPenney's own "Wee Essentials" brand has them (called one piece underwear) in sizes up to XXL/36 months, which is for 34-38.5 inches and 26.5-32 lbs (12-14.5 kg). They also had size XL/24 months for 32.5-33.5 inches and 24.5-26 lbs (11.1-11.8 kg). Gerber supposedly also makes an XXL in the same size range, but I havent' been able to find them.

    I got some of the XXL/36 month ones. I haven't tried them on DS yet but I just held them up to him and they go to his knees so I'm pretty sure they are bigger than the 18-24 month size Carter's onsies that we own. The quality seems good, and they are 100% cotton. The only problem was that at my store they only had the XXL in prints/solid colors rather than all white which I wanted. Maybe they were just out of white because the XL came in all white. I will wash one tomorrow to check for shrinkage. I am also going to check another JCPenney for all white. They were $11.99 for a pack of three, but right now there is a sale buy 1 get 1 50% off, so really I got 6 for $18 which I think is about the same as buying Carter's new at an outlet. Not sure how long the sale is going on, maybe until Nov 21 I think? Hope this helps someone!

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    Default RE: Found toddler sized onsies (36 M) at JCPenney

    Good to know! Thanks! I will definitely look for them there.

    - Liza

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