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    Default Anyone have experience/opinions about Tsukihoshi sneakers?

    Hi Everyone!
    Just saw these in the shoe store and thought about getting them for DS but wanted to hear some reviews first. They are washable and wide--YEA!! Are they durable, comfy, etc? They are pricey at $46 but I'd be willing to get them if they're a good quality shoe. Anyone have experience with them?

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    Default RE: Anyone have experience/opinions about Tsukihoshi sneakers?

    We bought some 3 weeks ago and they have been worn about 15 times. My 4 year old seems to like them. I like them because they appear to be comfortable (maybe not as comfy as the Nikes I used to buy him but only go up to size 10 :( ). Best of all is they are very easy for him to get on because they open up really wide.

    So, we haven't had them that long to comment on durability/ longevity but we really like them so far.


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