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    Hanna tights are the best. They are thick and warm, unfortunately they are also expensive. I've also had good luck with Lands End and you can usually find great deals on their Overstocks page.

    I don't remember where you live, but if you're not in the frozen tundra like I am, Old Navy tights are also pretty darn good. They are indestructible, but just not as thick as the others. Oh, and we like BAby Gap tights because some of them have a bear on the bottom, but they pill like crazy. :(

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    Margot would spend every single day in dresses if she could. She prefers the Lands End dresses because they have pockets -- in fact she complains if I buy here anything else. Their tights are nice and thick, but pricey unless you get them on sale.

    I've found some nice tights at Target. Maybe they need to restock? Also, look in the little girls section, not just babies. I think their XS size is pretty small.

    Otherwise, pricey but no nicer at Gymboree.

    I don't usually buy into the Hanna thing, but their tights are made of IRON!

    And Old Navy's pretty good, cheap, too.

    Kohl's might have some...


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    Default Tights

    I am on a quest for tights. DD is really interested in wearing dresses and she needs warm tights. My local Target was a bust- found nylon tights, lace tights and white cotton tights. Any B&M suggestions for nice thick tights?

    I wonder how many times I can say "tights" in this post? :P
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