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    Megansmom3700 Guest

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    Does anyone know where to get the cushy tushy seat?
    they are out of stock of it at the so i wondered where else can i find it? they have the contured cushy tushy but i have a girl so i dont really need the contoured one/
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    suzska Guest

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    I did a web search and found these:

    And there were probably more....

    You can always try contacting Mommy's Helper directly--they don't list places to buy their products on their site as far as I can tell:

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    ablair Guest

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    I bought mine at They had the best price on the contured one and you can get additional discounts if you go through

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    rodmar Guest

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    I was thrilled to find it at Kmart yesterday for $9. I hate paying almost as much for shipping as I do the item. Someone at Epinions mentioned finding it at Target, but I don't think that our Target carries it. The one at Kmart was the contoured one, but the "shield" doesn't look too big to me, so I'm definitely trying it with my daughter.

    Best of luck,
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