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    Default Best Books/VIdeos for Potty Training?

    Anyone found a potty training book or video that really made a difference in the ease of the experience? : )

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    Kari Guest

    Default RE: Best Books/VIdeos for Potty Training?

    We bought a copy of "It's Potty Time" as the Fields recommended. Our baby girl watched it pretty much every day from about 17 1/2 months to 19 1/2 months. After about a month she started going on the potty every once in awhile when she happened to not be wearing a diaper, and now at almost 20 months she goes pretty often if I give her an chance. I think that movie is low pressure and she liked it. She also liked "Bear in the Big Blue House: Potty Time with Bear." But I think that was mostly just fun because of the Muppets, and not that helpful. Basically she liked every flick I rented from the library except the "Once Upon a Potty" video.

    My mother bought us "The Potty Book" by Capucilli which is adorable, but skip, "Flush the Potty," by Wilson-Max, as it's boring.

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