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    Flannel Mom Guest

    Default Potty seat for tall boy

    I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions. I've been reading about potty chairs and my 25 month old is beginning to show interest. He is tall and from what I've read, there are definitely chairs that are better for boys and those better for tall boys. I've also read lots of reviews that talk about having the boy point their penis down. My son, however, only likes to stand when he pees. So, does anyone have any suggestions? I've bought a Safety 1st Potty n' Step Stool but I'm wondering if there's a better option. Any advice would be very appreciated!

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    Tina Guest

    Default RE: Potty seat for tall boy

    I just got the Baby Bjorn potty (the one with the removable bowl) for my 22 month old son, who is pretty big (34.5"). We love it! The seat and the bowl are both decently sized, so your son might be able to pee in it while standing. It's a huge improvement over the first potty I got - the First Years 3-in-1, which was TINY.

    Good luck!

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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default RE: Potty seat for tall boy

    Could you get him a small stepstool so he can pee into the regular toilet? I would think the potty bowls are just so small that if he stands the pee would splash everywhere.

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