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    Musicmom Guest

    Default Potty books for toddler

    Does anyone have a recc for a couple of books on using the potty that I can read to my 2yo son when we have "potty stories".
    So far he seems to love the concept;-you sit on the potty, listen to stories, and get cookies if you go in the potty!


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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Potty books for toddler

    I like this one (great pictures):

    and if your son is into Sesame Street these two are great:

    I know other people here have other recomnmendations.

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    raynjen Guest

    Default RE: Potty books for toddler

    If you are looking specifically for books about going potty the only one we have is No More Diapers (another Sesame Street book starring Betty Lou - so more for girls, though Elmo does make a brief appearance).

    But, if you are looking for short books to read on the potty, we have a whole shelf full. This is where I keep all of our floppy books (the Golden Books that don't have the spine) that I don't quite trust Noelle with. She really is starting to like the realistic ones (the ones with photographs of kids or trucks or buildings rather than drawings) - we have one about Soccer that she likes in particular called We Love Soccer!

    Jen in Okinawa
    Mom to Noelle (2 1/2)

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