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    Hi everyone - Thanks for all your responses - you were all right! Since this popped back up, I thought I would do an update. We more or less decided not to start "serious" potty training until he seems more ready (i.e. going potty is more important than throwing a ball). We still let him sit on the potty when he wants. Some days, he goes all morning with a clean diaper (usually loses interest by the afternoon), some days he makes it very clear from breakfast that he's not really interested in the potty today. Since I've taken this attitude, he's stopped with the running away and the screaming over the poopy diapers.

    Thanks again for all your help!

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    Default RE: Opinions on when to potty train

    It is important to wait until they are truly ready. There are several signs to look for. Try reading Potty Training for Dummies. You don't want to potty train for months. Introduce your child to the potty, let her sit on it but he/she is the one that will tell you. I just did a potty mambo weekend 2 weeks ago, (My DD is 3 1/3)and she is now out of diapers except at night with not one accident. That book was invaluable. I have read several others but this one was the best. I used a sticker chart and after the third day, she didn't care any more. We let her run around naked and she did everything herself.

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