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    Default New Pampers potty training diapers

    I posted this on the BB page as well, but I guess it is more appropriate here.

    Has anyone else seen a reference to these new training dipes from Pampers? I think I saw an ad in a parenting magazine for a new sort of Pampers Pull Up that lets the child know they are wet, but doesn't leak. It looks like they are due to hit stores this summer. Does anyone know what I am talking about - have you seen them yet?

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    Default RE: New Pampers potty training diapers

    Truman's daycare teacher just told me about them. She got something in the mail about them coming out soon. I haven't seen anything yet though. And I've been looking.

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    Default RE: New Pampers potty training diapers

    We got some coupons in the mail a few days ago. They have a "feel wet" liner on the inside, that feels wet when they go pee. It's basically a pull-up with the liner. I think the flyer said they were coming out in August. The girls were Dora and the boys were SPiderman.

    Looks interesting. I think this would be great for when you go out and are still in the training stage.


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    Default RE: New Pampers potty training diapers

    There is an 'after-market' product like this right now. I don't have any real life experience with it as they won't ship to APO addresses, but it isn't for lack of trying!

    The product is called P.O.D.S. (I found it here and is basically a liner that you put into their underwear (but I think it would work in a diaper too). When the product gets wet it gets cold (the older version of this site said that, the new versions says, "it changes feeling") so that the child makes an immediate connection to the process.

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    Default RE: New Pampers potty training diapers

    I got a coupon in the mail for these a couple weeks ago, but I have not seen them in stores yet. It may be a better idea than a plain pull-up if you plan to use a lot of pull-ups for potty training.

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