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    Default Nighttime Potty Training Help!!

    Our just turned 3-yr. old daughter is potty trained during the day but we are having a difficult time keeping her dry at night.

    She's been day trained for quite a few months now and had done pretty well at night, but the last month or two it seems like she's having an accident nearly every night.

    We haven't had her in a Pull-Up at night now for months and I don't know if going back to using one now is the answer or not. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do for nighttime training? We've tried cutting back on fluids in the evening and especially right before bed, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Plus if she asks for a drink at bedtime, I had to deprive her of it if she's really thirsty.

    Any suggestions???

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    Default RE: Nighttime Potty Training Help!!

    If you woke her to go to the bathroom at some point would that keep her up all night or would she fall right back to sleep?

    I've known people who have had success with taking their bedwetters to the chiropractor. Some kids aren't getting the signal that they need to get up and go...

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