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    Default He's using the potty!!!!!!!!

    Yay! I can't believe it! He's had a bjorn for over a year and for MONTHS I've offered him his underwear (just like daddy's of course) or diaper and he chose diaper. On the rare occasion he would chose underpants then he would be hysterical when he needed to pee and want a diaper. So I knew he was physically ready, just not emotionally. Sunday, after a rare messy blow out (Ds has been pooping on the potty consistently for many months) Dh did a Mr. Wizard-esque demonstration with a sippy cup, bowl and bathroom cup. Explaining that he had too much pee (sippy cup) for a diaper (bathroom cup) (empyting sippy cup into bathroom cup with water spilling over), so it will run down his leg (Ds HATES that...if I put a cloth diaper on him without a cover and it got on his leg he was MAD), but not too much for the potty (bowl). I kid you not, he asked for underpants and that was it! He had an accident that afternoon, and a couple of days this week I had him in a diaper in the AM if we were out for a long outing. One more accident this AM his first time wearing underpants with friends, but otherwise he is doing so well. He's even used toilets while out a couple of times (not at first, though). He napped sans diaper yesterday and is doing it right now. His diaper is wet in the mornings though. I don't know how to transition to that, I guess he will lead us. =)

    This is so cool. LOL. It's been a while since I've had a big milestone to celebrate.

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    Default RE: He's using the potty!!!!!!!!

    WOOHOO!! Fantastic news!!!! Hip hip hooray!

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    Default RE: He's using the potty!!!!!!!!

    Yay! What a fantastic transition! I share your joy!

    And LOL about the sippy cup demo! :)

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    Default RE: He's using the potty!!!!!!!!

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