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    Default Which clothes are best for potty training?

    I'm looking at the sales racks for stocking up for next summer, and hoping we are potty training then. It's been a long time since I last potty trained and I've forgotten which styles to avoid. Typically I dress Logan in short rompers or overalls and a onesie. I'm guessing the overalls are bad, but what about the rompers and onesies? They both have snaps at the crotch, which I think would be easy to undo. Or would it then be too hard for him since he'd have to lift up the clothes to his chest in order to not pee on them?
    Thanks so much for any help! :)

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    sugarsnappea Guest

    Default RE: Which clothes are best for potty training?

    I did away with the snaps. Jeans were also very cumbersome for JG to unsnap and pull down. JG has the tendency of waiting until her bladder is about to explode before she pees. Time is of the essence. Knit pants and shorts that are easy to pull up and down work best for us.

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    Default RE: Which clothes are best for potty training?

    If you want Logan to use the potty by himself then you can't have any snaps or onesies. Overalls and one piece outfits are gone too. I know how you feel though because I am doing the same thing myself buying DS' winter and summer wardrobes.

    I've been getting lots of shirts (not onesies) and elastic waist pants/shorts. LE, LL Bean and Hanna have lots of these. You could always go with sweatpants, but frankly I'm vain and I want to make my kids look a bit more stylish. :-) In fact there was a great Hanna code for elastic waist pants (in lots of colors) posted on the Toddler Clothing Board.

    Snaps are impossible for little kids. Even my 3 going on 4 year old cannot do up a snap (although she can undo them, LOL). Don't buy anything with them unless they are loose enough that they can go up and down without undoing the snap.

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    Default RE: Which clothes are best for potty training?

    Ds doesn't take his own pants down yet (we do it for him) but I am looking at only elastic waist pants/shorts for a while. He is working on shirt buttons, but sometimes pants' buttons can be tricky and I would hate for him to wet himself b/c he can't get his pants off fast enough. No overalls, actually I have a pair waiting to be returned. I would definitely avoid rompers, onesies or any other one-piece item of clothing past age 2 or 2 1/2. Ds has only been doing this for 2 weeks but he doesn't really deal with his clothing at all, except to sometimes pull them back up, but we are teaching him to do it and starting to give him time and encouragement to try to do it on his own. He definitely would not be able to with one-piece clothing. If he takes his time and is not rushed he can put on his underpants. I think he could also do his shirts if he liked, but lately he has been wanting me to do it all. He is 33 months.

    ETA - I feel your "pain." It was hard for me to give up on the rompers/jon-jons and overalls. As a matter of fact I did end up buying some. Also, no more Hanna zippers. =(

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    Default RE: Which clothes are best for potty training?

    2-piece outfits, like T-shirts and elastic waist shorts would be your best bet, in fact that's the only thing Mia can dress/undress herself (which is important to me - I want her to be completely independent!).
    Mom to three kids

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    Default RE: Which clothes are best for potty training?

    You could get away with zippers for a SHORT while longer if you aren't focussing on nighttime training. But after that the Hanna short johns and long johns will work nicely!

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