Hi Alexa,

I've been on vacation and just saw your post. Have you decided what to do about the diaper/pull-up situation at school?

To answer your questions about the Huggies Convertibles - Jacob is about 25/26 lbs. or so. The size 5 Convertibles are rated 27+ lbs., though I think they might still be a bit big on DS once he gets to 27 lbs. I did like them when I used them, but they were too big so I tried them only once. If you tear away the sides, the Convertibles act just like a regular diaper. They have velcro tabs that secure the diaper on the front like any other diaper. The tabs are not what get torn, they are a separate component and are secured to the diaper even in pull-up mode. If you don't tear away the sides they can be used like a Pull-up. You could also convert them "on the fly" if they are being used in pull-up mode but you don't want to pull them down for whatever reason you could tear away the sides and change her like it was a diaper.

mom to Jacob 9/27/02