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    Default She's peed in her potty... now what?

    I don't normally post here (I post a little bit at Baby Bargains Layette) so I'm a newbie here! :) Anyway, my DD has been telling us when she'd need to pee occasionally in the past, and today she actually peed in her potty 3 times! I'm thrilled, of course; but now I have no idea what to do now.

    A bit of background info: DD is 21 months, and she's been interested in the potty itself. She'd sit on it occasionally, and she's absolutely fascinated w/ peeing and pooping (at least when other people do it) and she loves her potty training book. I think she understands when she gets the urge to pee and poop, but she doesn't quite have the timing right -- i.e. she usually tells me but doesn't pee until 5-10 minutes later. She almost always tells me after she's pooped, although when she's playing she doesn't want to interrupt her fun so she won't tell me until later.

    I honestly don't want to push her, just b/c she's so young. However, since she's so interested, and since she actually told me 3 times today that she needed go on the potty, I figure I should start the whole potty training process. However, I haven't read any potty training books, and so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do next.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!


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    Default RE: She's peed in her potty... now what?

    We're in the same place! Colin actually peed on his potty for the first time yesterday! I picked up a couple of books at the library today that seemed to have some good information- they might be worth checking out. There have also been some other threads here with some good information.



    Good luck,

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    Default RE: She's peed in her potty... now what?

    Thanks! I'm definitely planning a trip to the library tomorrow, I didn't even think about going there! Duh me!

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    Default RE: She's peed in her potty... now what?

    You are totally right about not pushing her, but I think you could try to make the potty path a bit more open to her. Ask her if she wants to go at times that you are pretty sure she needs to. If she watches you when you pee, ask her if she would like to pee too. If you have a portable potty, bring it with you to every room in the house. If you guys go to her room, bring it there. If you go to the kitchen, bring it there. If you go the the living room, bring it there, etc. That way it is always available and in plain sight. This in itself might get her interested in using it more.

    I do think some of those books would help, and you may get more ideas on how to train but not push, IYKWIM. HTH!

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