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    Default Looking for bigger seat on potty

    Hi, our son is tall and big for his age (2.5 and already 38" tall). We stopped by the local babies'r'us and had him sit on the display potties but they're all rather small for him. He barely fit into the Baby Borjn (granted he had a diaper on at the time but it was still too tight.) We have one of those hideous Safety First floor potties (that leak!) we rec'd as a gift but would prefer to find inserts. Anyone have any recommendations for something with a larger seat? Picked up a cushie tushie insert over the weekend but he wants nothing to do with it. He prefers to sit on the actual toilet and brace his hands along the front of the seat and tilt forward. Ok for home but what does one do in a public restroom?!?! Ideas/Suggestions???

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    Default RE: Looking for bigger seat on potty

    Is it this safety first potty? If so, it comes apart to sit on the toilet...have you tried that?

    I do find the shield to be a bit of a nuisance, though. Now we just don't use it.

    For public restrooms, I just sit him sideways, hold onto him around his waist and point him down (hopefully he'll pick this up on his own, soon).

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    Default RE: Looking for bigger seat on potty

    Personally, I'd go with what he wants at this point. In a public restroom you can just have him do the same thing and wash his hands really well afterward. You can also put down a paper cover for him if you wish to. Seriously, if he watches your DH at all chances are he won't be actually sitting for long (unless he has to poop, of course). Once he finds out about standing to pee that's what he'll want to do and will actively seek out the urinals in public restrooms when he finds out those are available. My DS much preferred the toilet, too, and we had to keep reminding him to keep his bottom out of the water (yuck!). He is 4.6 and now you may find me at the door of the mens room when we are out waiting for DS because he HAS to use the urinal! LOL! Good Luck!

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