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    Default Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    Hi all, I can't believe that I am posting on the big girl/big boy board...what a milestone :) I am originally from England, and apparently it is more customary over there to start potty training at 18m so that they are trained by age 2....or so my mom tells me (hint hint!). It seems that here in the US, 3 is closer to the average (but perhaps my impressions are wrong). Anyway, I am wondering if any of you have success stories to share of training a toddler by age 2, assuming that they show appropriate signs of readiness. TIA!

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    I know people whose kids trained that young, but it was spontaneous training on their kid's part. And as you said, if you start at 18 months, they may finish training at age 2. Personally, thats 6 months of accidents I would rather live without!

    I waited until DD asked me to go at age 28 months and it took about 2 weeks start to finish. It was probably another 4 weeks until I considered her really reliable (like able to take long car trips and air travel in underwear).

    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    My DS just had his 18 month checkup and our pediatrician said it was not too early to introduce a potty and start talking about it. He said by 2 1/2 sometimes you have missed a window of opportunity. I got the Bjorn potty for DS and he pees in it before his bath. We're starting slow and waiting for his direction. He loves to sit on it for short periods though (10 seconds or less).

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    My daugher is 20 months and she isn't trained yet but she is showing a lot of interest in it. I have th potty out and she knows what it is for and will even ask to use it sometimes. I don't push it on her but it is there for if she wants to use it. Good luck!

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    DS has shown some interest in the potty, but we are not yet potty training by any means. He has peed in the potty on occassion for a few months. Only just this week does he seem to be recognizing when he poops and wanting his diaper changed. Also this week he has sometimes actively indicated he wanted to use the potty to pee (tries to take off his clothes and signs potty), rather than just doing it when we put him on it.

    BTW, His ped said not even to think about it or worry about it until age 3. Boys do tend to be a little later with potty training than girls though. Supposedly (according to my mother) I potty trained myself at 18 months, but as Beth said I guess it was me who wanted to do it rather than it being imposed on me.

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    Well we started a 4-5 months ago, and DD is now 22 months. She started pooping during her bath, so we started putting her on the potty in the middle of bathtime. She does tell us when she has to poop (she says poo-poo). Sometimes it is after she poops though. She poops on the potty once or twice a day. She doesn't seem to have much bladder control and she never asks to pee on the potty. Also, everytime she poops it takes 20 minutes of sitting on the potty, throwing tp, and flushing the toliet before we can leave. I'm kind of reluctant to put her on more times during the day b/c I feel like we would spend forever in there just waiting for her to pee. My mother keeps saying she could be trained but I'm not sure. Like a PP said, sometimes if you wait you can get them trained in a week or two. I'd love to have this done by 24 months, but I don't see that happening.

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    Default RE: Any stories of success with potty training 18-24m?

    I am the proud mum to a potty trained almost 2 year old! I introduced the potty at around 18 mths and she sat on it now and then but didn't go. Then about 2 mths ago, I put the potty in the living room. Ems loves running around naked and she had a few accidents, I would pick her up and say "why don't you go on the potty Ems", and sit her on the potty. The next day, she came and got me by the hand and pulled me to her potty, said "pee pee" and that was it! From then on she's been going on her potty. If she has clothes on she'll get me or DH and say pee pee or if she's got no clothes on she'll just go on her own and call one of us to wipe!
    Unfortunately she still wont' go pooh on the potty. She gets constipation so doesn't go more than once a day so we've only had a few accidents out and about and it's quite firm so no big deal to just put it in the toilet and change her panties.
    I can count the number of wee accidents on one hand, so it's been great for us, she's quite happy to go on the big toilet when we're out and she turns 2 next week.
    PS I'm also from England!

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