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    Default A pull-ups quandry- WWYD? (long)

    Some background . . . My DD is 20 months old, and is showing potty interest. She has been fascinated with watching me use the bathroom for several months now, and likes to pull off TP and pretend to wipe herself. We got her a potty last week, and she sits on it before her bath (naked), and other times during the day (clothed) when she sees it. She hasn't actually used it yet, but loves the idea of her own personal potty. She also pulls on her diaper and says "TT," but, at this point, that doesn't seem related to when she's actually gone.

    So, our sitter, who keeps DD at her house each weekday morning, suggested getting some pull-ups. The sitter keeps another little girl about DD's age, and the other child is also interested in the potty, to the point of trying to take off her diaper. The sitter thought it might be good to capitalize on this interest, and said that she could show the girls how to pull the pull-ups up and down before sitting on the potty, etc. She has a little potty at her house that the kids use.

    I had thought we wouldn't go the pull-ups route, since I don't want DD to get the idea that she can tinkle in her underwear. Do you think she would draw that conclusion if she wore a pull-up for a couple of hours in the mornings, or is she still too young to do so? At this point, she would probably still call the pull-up a diaper. We haven't started talking about panties yet.

    And, I don't want to rush her and stress her out about this. I hadn't planned to really work on potty training til next summer, when it's warm outside and I'm home all day. Right now, the potty is fun, and, thankfully, I fully believe our sitter shares the same philosophy as I do about potty training (won't be pushy and attempt to force DD to train before she is ready). Do you think letting her try pull-ups for practice right now is going to do any harm, or would you wait?

    If you're still reading and have any suggestions or opinions, please share! Thanks![/img][/url]
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    Default RE: A pull-ups quandry- WWYD? (long)

    I don't know!! I didn't use pull ups for Emily, but she potty trained herself before I'd planned to really try it! She showed all the same signs as your dd so I encouraged her to go on the potty, but we live in Hawaii so she would run around with no clothes on alot so it was easier to just pop her on her potty when she started to go pee. It just happened in a few days really, at about 22 mths, guess we just got lucky.
    Ems is just now able to pull her panties down so even with pull ups it wouldn't make it easier for her to go on the potty. Hopefully someone else has better advice! Good luck.

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    Default RE: A pull-ups quandry- WWYD? (long)

    In general, I am not a fan ofd pull-ups. Most kids see no difference between them and a siaper. Sounds like your child care provider wants something easier for her, but she can easily anough put a diaper on and off too. And diapers are cheaper than the same size pull-up.
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