I thought in case anyone is looking and getting frustrated at the selections, I would start a thread for reference. Here is a copy of a post I made in another forum:

>Have you ever shopped for "big boy underwear?" It took 2
>weeks to find reasonably priced, multi-packs of boys cotton
>underwear w/o characters.

Yes, it's disturbing what age-inappropriate stuff they'll emblazen on little kid's underwear. Actually Ds wears Boxer Briefs though which are far and few between and apparently an untapped market by the toddler-character-addicting companies...so far. They are very hard to find, though, Hanes is the only ones I've found besides Hanna Andersson.

For anyone else looking, Kohl's didn't have them in toddler sizes, only size 4 and up. TRU/KRU has some...they are solid colors, nothing interesting, but more than one brand to choose from ('hanes' and...'fruit of the loom' perhaps?). Target Has the kind with the exposed elastic waistband (the classics I think) in Toddler sizes in 2 packs of color combos like grey/navy or grey/black, etc. Walmart is the only place around that sells the nicer ones (go figure) that are tagless with the enclosed waistband in size 2-4 (I think). Yes, I've broken my "No Walmart Rule" for underwear. They just look more comfortable for him!

He's got a few pairs from Gymboree with an interesting print. In the end, the underpants novelty has worn off and he really doesn't care what he wears but as you know a desperate mom will buy ANYTHING to jumpstart the potty-learning process.

Oh, and if you are so inclined, the Hanna Andersson ones are MUCH softer/smoother knit than the others, but like I said, Ds doesn't really seem to care which pairs he wears.