I hope you've found an answer to your problem by now, but just in case...2 things that we did for J's eczema: 1. According to Dr. Sears (I always take him with a grain of salt, but he seems to be right on this one), eczema is an allergic reaction to either milk (he doesn't say dairy, only milk) or wheat. Try removing/reducing one or the other of these things and see what you get.

2. Shaklee's Creamy Baby Oil CURED our J's eczema. It is fragranced, so we immediately stopped using it when we first started seeing the rashes. Once J was diagnosed, we tried the cream again, and his eczema totally disappeared. Shaklee products have to be purchased through a distributor, online or on the phone. All of Shaklee's products are truly natural - no weird chemicals, and they come with a 100% money back guarantee. I have been very happy with every Shaklee product we have tried. Here is a link to my distributor's website (she's also my aunt). She will be able to answer any questions you have. Tell her Jennifer sent you!