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    Default toddler plates/utensils?

    I need to find microwaveable and dishwasher safe plates and utensils in toddler size. My ds likes the plates with separate compartments, but I haven't been able to find one thats both dishwasher safe and microwaveable. Any suggestions? How about utensils? He seems to do okay with the Sassy brand, but likes to use a fork/spoon that looks more like mommy and daddy's. Any ideas here?


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    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    I have both some cute Melamine plates with characters (Clifford, etc. Gifts but I think they came from Target and run $4-5) and some cheap plastic tupperware types that came from Walmart. While DS likes the character plates and they are micro and dishwasher safe, they tend to heat up a lot in the microwave. The Walmart plates have deeper compartments and came with lids - a nice bonus for meals on the go. They were $1.88 apiece and seem to be good so far. They were in the housewares section, not the kids.

    We have lots of different types of utensils, the Sassy you mentioned, disposable First Year's, a travel set of First Year's (metal utensils with carrying case) and a set of unknown brand with big rubber handles but metal ends. He also does better with the shape of the Sassy, but likes the look and feel of the metal utensils. He LOVES to stab things with the forks!


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    sweetbasil Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    We got most of our utensils at WalMart- DS has a Bob the Builder fork and spoon set (fork's just a little smaller than an adult-sized dessert fork), a Blue's Clues fork/spoon set, and just a standard, plastic handled, character-free set as well.

    For plates, I really like the tupperware divided dish set. You might be able to find it at Target, if you don't know of an area consultant, because Target started carrying tupperware in the fall. You can see it at the Tupperware site, under Kids,Kids,Kids....

    When feeling lazier, though (often, lately!), we've been using the Solo/Dixie brand animal character paper plates. They make cleaning up easy, and DS likes the variety.


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    amye01 Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    thanks guys!

    I did find something great for when we eat out. It's the "Tiny Diner" by Kiddapotomus. It's basically a rubber mat with a catch tray and suction cups to stick to the table. I like the idea of just tossing this in my bag rather than taking a whole chair with tray!

    Just thought I'd share! :)


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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    I know this sounds stupid, but I've been using a set that I got for 'free' when I subscribed to Parenting magazine. The set contains a divided plate and a small bowl along with a toddler spoon. I have used the plate and bowl in the microwave many times and all of the pieces are constantly in and out of the dishwasher.

    I know they still have similar sets available, although the cartoon characters on them change from time to time.

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    hotslings Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    As for utensils, Zoie adores her Gerber fork and spoon set. They both have a metal end with a fun bright green easy to grip handle. The fork is a safety fork. I think I got it at the grocery store ot Target. She was eating chicken with her fork tonight!


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    wendy03060 Guest

    Default Try Onida

    My kids (2 and 4) have always been fond of Onida silverware. They are stainless and the fork works very well. (We had trouble with all the others having dull tines that made spearing food almost impossible for the kids.) We also liked that they are a one-piece design so tiny germs and bacteria don't have anyplace to hide. They have infant sets (long handled spoon), toddler sets (short handles forks and spoons) and preschool sets that are really just mini versions of an adult three-piece placesetting. (Our 4 year old is so proud that she can cut with it!!) They come in characters or traditional patterns and our original set is still in service here at our house! Highly functional, realistic and authentic. We couldn't get along without them!

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    mkkrum Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    We have a few of the Tupperware divided plates that are divided and LOVE them. Don't have any idea if Target carried them, but T-ware is pulling out of Target, anyway. Check to check them out, then contact a consultant.

    For microwave/dishwasher safe utensils, I got cheap. Found a set of TEN pairs of spoons and forks at the Dollar Store! Ten pair for ONE dollar! How cheap can you get?? They come in a pastel pack and a bright colors pack. They are obviously toddler-sized, but look more like regular forks and spoons--nothing baby about them except their size. At a dollar a pack, I don't sweat it if I leave them at a restaurant and can carry a pair in each diaper bag. They have been through our microwave and dishwasher countless times.

    Good luck!

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    jgwcrna Guest

    Default RE: toddler plates/utensils?

    I bought the Safety 1st Sof Grip utensils and plate at B&M Toys R Us. The utensils have the perfect shaped handles for little hands with a just right sized spoon and fork. The plate has a rubber ring on the bottom that keeps it from moving all over and it has the divided compartments. It is dishwasher (top rack) safe and microwave safe, but I found it does get hot in the microwave. I usually cook in something else and transfer it. They come in several soft colors like orange, green, and blue and the price was very good too. I love them and so does Justin. Read epinions review at Actually, I'm looking at the picture and mine have no writing on the handle, so I believe they are a store brand item, designed identical to these. That's why the price was great!!

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