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    I have had a really hard time getting my son to give up his night time Avent bottle for the sippy cup. He has never taken a passy and I think enjoys the sucking. I have a hard time getting him to drink his milk outside of the bottle, but juice he will drink from a sippy cup because that is the only was he has ever had it. Can anyone suggest a sippy cup that may do the trick.

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Bottle to Sippy Cup

    I had the same problem with my daughter. I tried a few things that seemed to help:

    I used the Avent sippy cups with the rubber spouts. These were closer to the rubber nipple and so easier for her to adapt to. After she was comfy on those it was easy to get her onto a hard spout sippy cup. You can attach these nipples to the regular Avent bottle if you wish.

    I always left a sippy with water in it with her toys. When she was thirsty she could drink. If not, the water didn't go bad! I changed the water every day or two.

    I introduced the sippy cup at drinktimes that were between meals. For example, I started with her mid-morning bottle of milk. I offered the sippy cup and she refused it, but she kept asking for milk. I didn't give her anything but the cup. Eventually she got thirsty enough that she used it.

    I put ice in the cups (at first because she was taking so long to finish the milk) but she got to like shaking them to hear the ice rattle.

    At first I held the sippy cup for her (like a bottle) so she got the idea and was more comfy with it. When she got used to it I added the handles and showed her how to hold it herself.

    I slowly introduced the sippy at other times too. The last one I dropped was the before bed bottle. One night she started grabbing for the bottle to hold it herself and that was it. She's been all sippys ever since.

    I was able to get her to 100% sippy in about 5 weeks with this method.

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    Suzi Guest

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    I used the Avent sippy cups as well. My son had no problem ajusting to them (we went right from breast feeding to cups with little issue.He really liked the independance of holding and throwing his own drinks. Another avenue you might investigate is straw. Playtex and Munchkin make kids cups with straws. Like most things they aren't spill proof. Some people think that straws are better than sippy cups as the liquid flows past the teeth where as with a cup the liquid hits the teeth first.

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