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    cara1 Guest

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    Scrambled Egg, Waffle, Cheerios, Kix or bits of whatever dried cereal we're eating (esp. Cheerios with berries). I made French Toast, but he wouldn't eat it. Also this 5 grain organic cereal in a cannister (I can't recall the name) that's sort of like oatmeal. It's got a lot of texture and he can eat it with his hands even after it's cooked.

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    sarasprings Guest

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    Ds used to love eating, but no more. In general, he'll only eat something (for any meal) that he hasn't had in a while. He has always been given vegetables for breakfast, so that helps with variety. DS also tends to like "big" foods, so we give him half an apple or pear, cracker with cashew nut butter, bigger hunks of rice cake, etc. and that helps a tiny bit.

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    raynjen Guest

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    The biggest hit in our house is waffles cut into three strips along with a cup of "dipping sauce" - usually applesauce or yogurt. She also likes 'scrambled' eggs - one egg cracked into a ramikin (small bowl) whipped with a fork then microwaved for 45 seconds, very fast, very little clean-up.

    Jen in Okinawa
    Mom to Noelle (10/25/01)

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