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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default I've been semi-converted to vinyl for bibs!!

    I've always been a big cloth over vinyl person. It's my preference in bibs and high chair covers and most other things. HOWEVER... I found the coolest bib!! The Sassy bib that has the snap-on food catcher is the best! I have the flamingo one, and DD is having problems getting it off (velcro is working great). It fits up around her neck closely (covers the collar of the shirts). It is TOTALLY easy to clean (detach the food catcher, rinse it, rinse the bib, done!). AND no inside corners for the food to be caught in forever. It has really been doing a really good job at catching all the food, too. So, okay, most of you will probably be laughing at me that I'm excited about a vinyl bib. But I really like it and thought I'd pass it on just in case someone out there might benefit from it.

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: I've been semi-converted to vinyl for bibs!!

    I completely understand what you are saying! I am in love with the Baby Bjorn vinyl bib and can't imagine why I would use anything else!

    A snap-on food catcher, hmmm? What is the benefit of being able to take it off? I just take the entire BB bib and rinse it in the sink.

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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default RE: I've been semi-converted to vinyl for bibs!!

    no little inside corners to dig stuff out of like regular vinyl bibs with pockets. I really like being able to take it off. The BB bib is just a molded plastic one-piece thing right? The Sassy one is really flexible & has a fabric finish around the neck for comfort too. It's vinyl backed with fabric and the food catcher is more like plastic and the bib sits inside of it & snaps in there. I guess I never really liked the look of the BB bib.

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    NEVE and TRISTAN Guest

    Default totally agree

    we just recently started bibbing and the sassy one is awesome. I love that it covers the shoulder and top part of the arm.
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    Default Sounds great! Where did you get yours?

    I think we might need one. :)

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