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    Well, we had our two year check-up last week. My 26 months old DS only weights 22 lbs. Ugh! He is about 35 in. tall. Anyway, he is an energentic little boy but just doesn't eat as much as all the other kids. I get embarassed when we go to the pool. You can totally see his rib cage. People probably think I starve him or something. Any ideas out there? I asked the Ped for vitamin supplements. He suggested Tri-vi-sol. But, that is only Vitamin A, C, and D I think. Any suggestions out there to fatten up my toddler?

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    I don't have any great ideas, but I would cross post this over in Baby Bargains. I know several moms over there have talked to nutritionists about fattening up their younger children, but they may still have some good advice for you.

    If I remember correctly, Rachels posted a long list of "fattening" items she was suggested for Abigail. This was a couple of years ago, but I'm sure some of it would still be helpful.

    Good luck! FWIW, my DS was pretty thin until he hit about 3. He went from 10 - 15% to 25% about then. Although he now wears slims, it's at least possible to find pants that fit both in the waist and in length!
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