Noah is 19 months old, and PICKY. He'll eat fruit, ikea meatballs (and only ikea meatballs), pasta, rice, chicken nuggets, oatmeal, soy yogurt and snacks (cookies, and crackers). I'm so sick of it. If we try something new, he looks at it and decides then that he doesn't like it. Won't taste it, and cries and won't eat anything if we try to make him eat it.

Our ped, at 15 months, suggested giving him what we're eating for dinner, and if he doesn't eat it, letting him go hungry until the next meal. Now, I'm all for that with an older child, but it seems a little extreme for a baby this age, especially one who has had issues with weight for most of his life. Am I wrong? Should I just do it?

Complicating matters further is a milk intolerance. He can tolerate some cooked dairy (for example, cookies made with milk are ok), and I think he's ok with cheese, but he won't eat it, so I can't know for sure.

Any ideas? I'm sick of only have 3 or 4 meals that I can rotate through. Thanks.