Hi Guys! Well, I'm feeling like I need some help with ideas for meals for my 16-month-old. He'll eat almost anything we put in front of him -- not every time, of course, cuz he certainly has his days of refusing to eat just about anyhting, but often. My problem is that I'm ashamed to say, yet honest, that I don't cook well. I can do five or six homemade meals well (like meatloaf, shephard's pie, a few chicken dishes), but the rest is hamburger helper, pasta & Ragu, tacos -- and alot of it has partially hydrogenated oil crap in it that I try REALLY hard not to give our son.

Here is what we currently give him almost every week: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Yo Baby, apple sauce, Prepared Jello/Fruit (not good), Hormel Kidz Meals, Buttered Noodles, lunchmeat & crackers, oatmeal, eggs & bacon or sausage. That's about it for meal food.

So, I ask you --> What kind of meals are you making for your toddlers so that I may humbly and appreciatively try, myself.