My DS, who turned three last month, has NEVER wanted to eat any fresh fruit or vegetables, even as a baby. He'll consume smashed fruits or vegetables in a smoothie, eat dried mangos (that's it), applesauce or vegetable/fruit baby foods, but will not even attempt to eat anything that's different from what he's comfortable with eating.

It's so frustrating. I've read to give children a small piece of fruit and vegetables and gradually increase the amount over time in order to get them used to eating it, but he won't attempt even one small bite. Today I put one minced small baby carrot and one very, very small broccoli (both steamed so they were mushy) inside a quesadilla, and he nearly threw up when he took a tiny, tiny bite. Just the look of anything different will set him off. I've been accomodating, but now I'm at the point where I'm ready to tell him that if he doesn't eat what's in front of him, he can just go hungry until he's ready to try.

I know that kids are picky at this stage, but he's been like this his whole life.

Any suggestions?

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