We have the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe high chair & have loved it (particularly the fact there are 3 trays to put in the dishwasher!). Our son has just figured out how to take the main tray off!! Aaarrrghh! He's 25 months old. So I'm wondering what to do next. I'm not really comfortable with him just being up to the table yet. He eats most things off his tray directly & he's a little too crazy at this point. I'd still like for him to eat off a tray. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations.

We have the Fisher-Price booster seat with tray for restaurants & that works great. BUT he does pull the tray insert off, which is frustrating. He can't get the blue base off though, as it clips on really well. So we could buy another of those booster seats.

OR... does anyone have experience with the new Fisher-Price Space Saver high chair? Would that work well with a 2-year-old? And does the tray attach securely?