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    Default Stokke Kinderseat questions

    Hi all,

    DD is 22 months old and we would like to get rid of her highchair. I really like the Stokke kinderseat but am wondering if people really using them for ages and ages.

    Is it worth buying one now or waiting until the new ones with the 5 point harness come out?

    Thanks very much!


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    Default RE: Stokke Kinderseat questions

    At 22 months I wouldn't worry about the harness. DD stopped using the harness at all about then. DD is only 27 months, so I can't tell you yet about ages and ages except
    to say that my SIL is short, and she used to sit in the kinderzeat after DD went to bed... she said it was a better chair for her than our dining room ones. So I'm pretty sure we've got a good long time left.

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    Default RE: Stokke Kinderseat questions

    I love our Kinderzeat! Mine doesn't have the five-point harness, but I never missed one. Actually, I didn't even use the belt for very long with my older daughter. She's not much of an acrobat, and it was a pain to clean.

    To answer your other question, my 4 y.o. has been using since she was 18 months old. She just now gave it up in favor of a regular chair, but she could certainly still fit in it. (She's exceptionally tall--above the 97th percentile.) And her baby sister will use it soon. But even if she didn't, I'd still have thought it worth the money for those 2.5 years we did use it.

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