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    Martina Guest

    Default Komfort Rider Booster Seats

    I am very interested in the Komfort Rider booster seats by Jupiter Industries. Has anyone out there been using it and if so, can you give me some feedback. What are the pros and cons?

    Also, does anyone know the difference between the GT and the GTX versions of the booster seat?

    I am waiting to purchase this seat based on the feedback that is received.


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    shandrin Guest

    Default RE: Komfort Rider Booster Seats

    I just bought one for my 5 1/2 year old. The main difference between the GT & GTX are the added pillows and a higher back plus higher weight limit. So far we both like it, very well padded plus is quite soft like velvet. It seems to offer good head support for sleeping and a good job in placing the seatbelts properly.
    Have you seen their website? it offers the most information on it.


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    tobymc Guest

    Default RE: Komfort Rider Booster Seats

    I'm using one. My kids seem pretty happy with it.

    I had been concerned that the seat was so "squishy" that is would not keep them in the proper position, or more specifically, that it would allow the lap belt to ride up out of position. I have not seen this happen, either with my 3 1/2 year old, or my 8 year old. That is the thing I'd check out with your own child before buying this seat. Otherwise, both kids find it very comfortable. I find the shoulder belt adjuster relatively easy to use.

    We are using the GTX.

    The GTX is a bit narrower, and goes up to 100 pounds. The back is taller, about the same height as the Britax Starriser/comfy and the Baby Trend Recaro Start. But my 8 year old does not find it too narrow.

    Jupiter is coming out with a new booster, the Komfort Kruiser, in March, that looks like it will be even better. It keeps the lap belt in position better.


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