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    Christi Guest

    Default Britax RA or King

    Hi Toby!

    I'm considering getting a Britax RA or King for my 18 month old (26lbs.). I tried him in the RA and I really liked it. However, his head was only a good 2-3 inches from the top. He wouldn't be able to use the top should harness yet though. Can you use the RA when their head is above the actual seat? I've looked and I don't see a height requirement.

    So, I'm worried that I'll get the RA only to have him outgrow it all too soon! We do plan on having more children and I'll absolutely use it with them, but I want to have him in the seat for awhile. (the convertible car seat that I have right now has the bar that comes in front and I really want to stop using it NOW. BUT, once we get rid of it, we will not have another option for child #2 when it's time to go from the infant carrier to a convertible car seat.) Can you tell I'm trying to do some family planning in terms of making the best choice for our money being spent? :) So this is why I'm considering the RA more than the King.

    My question to you is this: Would you recommend getting the RA regardless of the height situation? or should I consider the King?

    I sure appreciate your information and help! I've read your posts and you are doing a great service to parents who are concerned about their child's saftey! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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    tobymc Guest

    Default RE: Britax RA or King

    Hi Christi.

    I don't think the top harness slot is any different between the two models. So your son won't have any more room to grow in the King. It does have a terrific install method, but it is only forward facing.

    You asked when he would outgrow the seat, forward facing. He outgrows it when his shoulders get higher than the top harness slot, he reaches 40 pounds, or when the top of his EARS go above the top of the shell. Forward facing, it is fine for his head to go above the top.

    So given that you'd like to have a seat that will work for a sibling, you should probably head for the RA. I think you can still get them at for $169 in Burgendy check.

    Another option would be to wait a few months and see if the new Marathon comes out. It will cost more, about $230, but will have latch and hopefully will go to 65 pounds, holding your son to a full 5 years of age or so. So if you are planning to space your kids 4 or more years apart, that might be a better overall choice. If they are going to be closer, perhaps you want to get the RA now.

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