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    Brendon Guest

    Default Differences between Next Step DX/MX/SE

    We did some research about 6 months ago and decided on the Next Step DX as a booster for our son for our second car. He is now outgrowing his car seat in the first car.

    It doesn't seem like we can find another Next Step DX, but we see SE and MX thrown around. MX seems to be the only current model.

    Have there been any significant changes between the DX and MX?

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    tobymc Guest

    Default RE: Differences between Next Step DX/MX/SE

    As long as it still has the front harness adjuster, you should be fine. I think some models also have a shield over the harness, which I'm not wild about, but is OK. Try the century web site,, for more details.

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    sonja77 Guest

    Default RE: Differences between Next Step DX/MX/SE

    Don't get a SE because that model doesn't have a front adjuster.

    The DX has those big rubber thingies on the male ends of the buckles, the MX doesn't.

    I have the DX model and really like it.


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