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    Default Help! Booster Carseat or Other Seats

    My dd is 13 months old, and barley fits in the toddler seat we have. What can I do to make this seat work? Or is there a type of booster seat that will work with her age and weight.? Or another toddler seat that is a little bigger?

    She is 26lbs, 34 inches long.!

    Please help


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    Caviller Guest

    Default RE: Help! Booster Carseat or Other Seats

    Children are recommended to be in rear-facing seats as long as possible. For most kids, that means 30 to 35 pounds depending on the carseat. After that, it is recommended that they be in a 5-point harness until at least 40 pounds before they move to a booster.

    You have a few options. First, the Britax Marathon is a good choice for a convertible seat that will allow you to continue rear-facing and have plenty of room to grow. You may also try any of the "Combination" boosters that have an internal harness. These cannot be used rear-facing which is safest, but since your DD is over 1 year and 20 pounds it is acceptable to be front facing. The harness on most combination models is usually good enough for most kids to use until 40 pounds. After that, they convert to a booster for 40 pounds and up.

    Out of curiousity, what toddler seat do you currently have, and how is being outgrown?

    DuPage County SAFE KIDS
    DuPage County SAFE KIDS

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