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    Default seat belt use on a booster seat

    I've noticed that many of the combo seats that go from the 5 point harness baby seat to a toddler booster seat using the seat belt, have belt positioning clips on the upper sides of the seat.

    Should this be something I'm looking for as I research a new seat?

    Someone on this board mentioned that the belt positioning clips can cause slack in the seat belt when used in the belt positioning stage. Could anyone tell me if they have found this to be true with, say, the Graco Cargo Seats? Would it better to try and find a seat without the clips? I have not been able to view a Britax Marathon or an Airway Booster seat- how do they convert to the seat-belted booster seat?


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    Default RE: seat belt use on a booster seat


    Some type of guide is necessary on any booster seat to position the shoulder belt. Some types are easier to use than others, and some can catch the belt and leave slack. With correct use, discipline and supervision, they are all safe and effective. Also see Answer #29 in the FAQ here:

    The Marathon does not convert to a booster at all, though its harness is rated to 65 pounds. The Airway is similar to other combination models and does convert to a booster.

    Also see Toby's suggestions:

    Good luck!

    DuPage County SAFE KIDS

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