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    Kristine Guest

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    I read an online parent review of the Britax Marathon. The parent said that the car seat was too small for her 43" tall daughter--her shoulders were above the highest slot and her head was more than halfway above the top of the seat. Has anyone else encountered or heard of this problem with the Marathon?

    I have tall toddler boys and am considering buying these seats for them, but I don't want to if they won't be able to use them for quite awhile.


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    Amy Guest

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    According tothe Toddler Bargains book (great book, btw!), this is probably not a good seat for you. To quote the book "We anticipate most families choosing this seat from the start, or when their baby outgrows his infant seat, banking on wanting the higher weight limit down the road, rather than purchasing this seat when a child reaches 40 lbs at age 3."

    My 4-year-old boys are about to make the leap to boosters. They are on the small-side of weight, but average on height. My Century carseat's harness holes aren't high enough. I looked at seats today and I think I like the Evenflo Comet. A pal of mine has the Apollo and loves it. (Comet is a scaled down version). This way my kids can use the harness till they are 40 pounds (they're 31 now).

    Anyways, just thought I'd reiterate what the book said. It just doesn't sound as if the Britax Marathon is the perfect "fit" for you... but I may be wrong. Plus, it's expensive... and the Apollo is less than $80, and the Comet less than that.

    Hope it helps!


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