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    coreysmom Guest

    Default Experience w/ integrated booster seat? Please share!

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with integrated booster seats offered as options in some vehicles? Are they as safe as "latched in" booster/car seats?

    For example, I know Volvo offers an optional integrated child seat (for older kids, ie, not infants) as a booster in the XC90 (I think it slides forward so it's easier for parents to wipe noses, etc.). It looks too narrow to me, though. Does anyone have this, and does their child like it? What do you like and dislike about it?

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    Kyla Guest

    Default RE: Experience w/ integrated booster seat? Please share!

    We have Chrysler Town & Country and have an integrated seat. We love it for a variety of reasons, but it's not perfect. What we love: When we have visitors in town, they can access the third row of seats w/o having to climb over a car seat; we can easily convert the seat so an adult can use it; it's a second car seat in case I'm washing the main one (with a 3-year-old who is having potty training accidents, this is a dream). It is the ultimate in convenience. What we don't like: the padding seems minimal, and it sits way upright and is not good for sleeping. Not a huge deal for us, as our toddler isn't a car-sleeper, and for longer drives we always use his car seat that we install. I would spend the extra $$ to get an integrated seat again in a heartbeat. If nothing else, it buys options -- for carting around other kids, for the day your husband accidentally takes off for work with your kid's car seat in his car, etc.


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    CPSDarren Guest

    Default RE: Experience w/ integrated booster seat? Please share!

    Here is a FAQ that discusses this issue in general, Q14 & Q15, though it is mainly about integrated seats with a harness:

    With boosters, some issues will not apply.

    If the cost isn't an issue, it's a great idea to get one if it is an option just because of the convenience. On the other hand, I wouldn't find it to be a factor in choosing one vehicle over another, as you may want a standard child seat anyway.

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