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    Default Booster Seat advice needed for big almost 4-year old

    Hi all,

    I posted this (mistakenly) on the Baby section earlier...

    We had to do it the hard way...first an infant seat, then a Britax toddler seat, then an impossible-to-find Fisher Price quasi-booster seat but with a 5-pt harness (because our kid was 40 pounds but still too young for just a shoulder belt harness) we're gonna move the FP to car number 2 and get our final (I hope) booster seat for the Honda Odyssey. Steven is now almost 4 and just under 50 pounds and it a very content car rider.
    We would appreicate any advice and guidelines and websites and price info on the best, easiest-to-use, best value and of course safest booster seats out there. Recommended websites to check out are also appreciated.

    By the way, after 2 years of trying and lotsa doctor visits and $$$, it looks like Steven may have a brother or sister in about 8 months. Geez it's hard to type with my fingers crossed! that we forgot everything we had learned, time to start again!

    Bob & Kathe in RSM, CA

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    Default RE: Booster Seat advice needed for big almost 4-year old

    Hello! Given the size and age of your child, you have a few choices. If you are hoping to keep your son harnessed for a while and don't mind using a huge seat, the Britax Huskey is a nice choice - it keeps children harnessed up to 80lbs. They have this seat at the Right Start Store. If you feel your son is ready for a belt-positioning booster, the Britax Roadster holds children up to 100 lbs. I think this seat is on clearance at right now for $95. Good luck!

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