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    Wendy Guest

    Default Graco Turbo Booster Seat

    Anyone out there using the Graco Turbo booster Seat? I understand that it's a fairly new model and wanted to know what people thought of it. It's one of the booster seats that I am considering for our second car. Any comments would be great! Thanks.

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    Monica Guest

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    I don't have it, but my brother got 2 for his DS who is
    6 years old. He loves the seats because they are relatively
    light and easy to take out and put in. His DS likes them too because they are "cool" looking :-) My brother did buy the turbobooster at Babys R us that has the added padding on the armrest and much to his dismay his DS took them off right away :-)

    Also consumer reports gave it a high rating.<>cnt_id=304373&FOLDER<>folder _id=295617&bmUID=1053669838664



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    Default RE: Graco Turbo Booster Seat

    Sorry, I couldn't edit my previous post. So here is the correct url:

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    Default RE: Graco Turbo Booster Seat

    We use the Turbo Booster as our spare seat for our 3 year old son and we like it a lot. His regular seat which he rides in 99% of the time is a Britax Super Elite, but it's so nice not to have to move the SE if we ride with a friend or when we travel.

    At Babies R Us, there are two different models -- I bought the more expensive one (can't remember the differences, maybe just the fabric), but if I had it to do again, I'd buy the cheaper one. There is a $10 difference and really no need to spend the extra $ on a seat that doesn't get used very much. to Jason (3) & Devin (11 weeks)

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