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    4justice Guest

    Default roundabout covers

    I posted this on the baby side too. Anyone know of any roundabout car seat covers out there other than Puppies or Marina? Preferably Safari(I know the carseat is phased out except at babycatalog). Let me know please if you guys spot one somewhere!
    Thank you~Maluhia

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    MrsBevie2U Guest

    Default RE: roundabout covers

    I have a Safari cover that has never been used. We just baught the seat and I put the denim cover on because the plush safari is sooo hot. If you are interested in it, email me @ [email protected] I was planing on purchasing a sandstone or cascade cover closer to winter anyway..

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    MrsBevie2U Guest

    Default RE: roundabout covers

    whoops...sorry,, email is [email protected]

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    4justice Guest

    Default RE: roundabout covers

    yeah! thanks for your offer. I have emailed you....

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