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    Default What are the top belt positioning only booster seats?

    Me again! I am full of questions. I have decided while I am at it I might as well replace my oldest sons AO. He is using it as a bpb right now and I want to get a bpb that is actually safe! LOL He is 44 lbs and almost 4 years old. Not sure how tall he is but he has always been off the charts. He is often mistaken for a 5-6 year old. Since he is use to the bpb and is super picky/stubborn/cant stand change I want to keep him in a bpb. I would like to get a seat that is bpb only, to save $$. What are yalls recommendations??


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    Default RE: What are the top belt positioning only booster seats?

    Hey! Your DS has the same birthday as my DD! LOL, though, her nickname is Bitsy, and she's only 31 pounds (and rearfacing in her Marathon...)
    Anyway, top boosters now are:

    The Britax Bodyguard. I can't rave enough about this one, we adore ours, *but* some kids do not like the side impact protective headwings, and some folks really don't like the armrest seatbelt lockoffs. Personally, to my mind, the extra hassle to buckle it (though my 6 yo ds can usually do it himself, and couldn't buckle ANY booster until he was 5.5) is worth it for the side impact protection and awesome sleep support.

    The Britax Starriser Comfy is an old favorite...on clearance now for all the Bodyguards, but is a supportive and comfy seat, despite it's "minimalist and flimsy" appearance...I hated it in the store, and loved it in the car, lol.

    The Jupiter Komfort Kruiser is big, light, and who have them love them, but they aren't quite as popular as the Britaxes.

    And then there's the Graco Turbo Booster...It will be fine for awhile, but despite the 100 pound listed weight limit, it will probably not fit your ds comfortably till he's ready for the seatbelt alone (at age 8 or 9, if he keeps growing...10 or 11 if he slows down). But when he grows out of the Turbo (which is really a nice seat, don't get me wrong, we have one and love it, too!), then you can get just a no back booster that is larger and more comfortable for him (the cosco high rise is a nice big choice)...and those two together cost far less than the others :)

    Anyway, hope that helps a little :)
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