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    Default move 2 yo out of the roundabout to a bigger britax?


    my 23 mo old ds currently uses the roundabout. he has pretty much been 50th percentile in weight and 75th in height since birth. so according to the growth charts, he won't outgrow the RA until after he is 3.

    my 9 mo old dd is getting ready to move into a convertible seat. i was planning on buying her a RA too. but i was wondering if i should give her my ds' RA and get him the marathon or wizard? would a 3-4 yo still sit in that kind of seat? or should i just get her a new RA and move him to a booster seat when he outgrows the RA?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default RE: move 2 yo out of the roundabout to a bigger britax?

    It's safest for kids to be harnessed up to about age 5 (or older if possible, but truly no younger than 4 or 4.5, because they aren't mature enough to sit still in a booster seat). You could go with a Marathon, and would probably be very happy with it. Or if your budget is a little more limited, a "combo" seat is a good has tall top harness slots like the marathon, to get you to the full 40 pounds (my 6 yo is just 40 pounds and is just now getting too tall for the top slots of most combos, just for reference). Here are some highly recommended seats (bottom half of the page)
    In any case, another Roundabout may not be the most bang for your buck, especially for a tall kiddo like you have

    You might want to even look at the Husky...It will seem very big on your child now, but there's a LOT of growing room in it! my 6 yo LOVES his, and it fits like a glove in most captain's chairs in minivans, and even fits great in a variety of tiny cars (but then you can NEVER get three people in the back seat...something to think about...)

    Good luck :)
    Julie CPS Advocate and mom to 2 in seats

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    Default RE: move 2 yo out of the roundabout to a bigger britax?

    My DS is 3 1/2 (42 lbs, 42") and is happy in his Marathon, which he has been in since he outgrew his RA about a year ago. He is perfectly happy in it - one nice thing is that it elevates him so that he can see out the window. There are certainly struggles some mornings to get him in, but I suspect we would have those no matter what kind of seat we had!

    DD (arriving any day!) will be in a Snugride and then we will get a Marathon for her. We have the old RA around but I think it does not have LATCH, and we LOVE the LATCH connectors - no worries about fit.

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    Default RE: move 2 yo out of the roundabout to a bigger britax?

    Hi. Glad you posted. We have a two year and three month old and now a 15 week old. We have a Marathon and a Roundabout Advantage. At present the Marathon is in my car and the RA is in my husband's vehicle. After the little one gets out of the infant carrier I had considered getting a Wizard and a booster, ultimately to end up with the wizard and marathon in my car and the RA and combo booster in hubby's vehicle- the children ride with him far less frequently and my car is the family vehicle. Of course a lot will depend on how quickly these little guys grow!


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